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Oct 25, 2018
Land Rover Discovery 3 a Hard Working Off-Roader
Land Rover Discovery 3

You have to take care of your vehicle to get the most out of it

There are very mixed opinions about this SUV and one thing common in every one of them are its outstanding off-road capability. It has a long history to trace back and you can start from as early as 1989. The major change in almost every aspect came in 2004 and from then on it has entered a market where there is less space for weaknesses left.

A present market is a place where competition is very tough in the luxury SUVs and this is the category where Land Rover Discovery 3 falls. There are things still present in this new one which gives you a trace of the old one. But the tradition was kept alive as those parts made a successful combination.

These were the purpose, nature and the hints of old styling. There is a benchmark of every product and for this car, these were the things which were carried as benchmarks. Its exterior and interior seem as if supporting each other without effort.

The practicality which is the most important for an off-road vehicle that can be found in abundance in this vehicle. Automatic Discovery 3 gearboxes are also available in the market to give a relief to those worrying buyers who have in mind the unavailability.

The new engines

Land Rover Discovery 3 Engine

Land Rover Discovery 3 Engine

There were three new engines introduced for the current one replacing the old ones. The first one in the list is a 2.7-litre diesel engine having a smooth 190 bhp. For Europe this diesel engine was according to need however for the North American side this was not introduced as diesel is not popular over there.

There is a 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine to comply with such countries where diesel is not accepted as safe. This one gets a 300 bhp which was offered as a high-performance variant instead of the diesel. Then a V6 4.0-litre petrol engine which gives off 216 bhp is also an option for the petrol side.

Diesel one is economical then the petrol side, it takes less fuel and gives in return a good mileage as well as fewer residuals. Petrol ones are however for those who do not have a problem with spending more on fuel.

The Great off-road ability

Discovery 3 has that engineering which really makes it a strong off-roader. There are two gearboxes offered with this SUV. One is the automatic ZF 6hp26 transmission and the other one is manual S6-53 gearbox.

The manual transmission is standard with diesel and an automatic transmission is an option, while the automatic transmission is standard with petrol engine powered trims. There is also a ZF 6hp26 transmission for sale in the markets which was the first six-speed automatic transmission manufactured in 2000.

The handling was improved with independent suspension which was also a new thing that was not paired before. There is a wealth of traction control system to aid the driving side as driving on rough surfaces is a job which can be well handled with many factors acting at the same time.

Styling and interior cabin

Land Rover Discovery 3 Interior

Land Rover Discovery 3 Interior

Everything is kept simple and to the point. There is nothing complicated in it. A good head and leg room are offered for each row and there is a good space to provide comfort for 7 occupiers.

The driver gets a perfect position and a clear outward vision to place the car in the right position especially when on an off-road journey. The air-suspension also helps in lowering or raising the height of the whole structure for those uneven mountainous ranges.

The exterior is decent and boxy but relevant and the cabin is simple with roomy effect all over. Controls are within reach of the driver and no complications over here also.

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