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Jul 16, 2018
Jaguar X358, the ultimate powerful car among competitors
Jaguar X358

A Car which knows no Boundaries in providing luxury and speed

Jaguar is a multinational car-manufacturing brand based in Britain. It started a business in 1922 as a motorcycle manufacturing company. It is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, which bought it in 2008.

Since Tata Motors took its ownership, a couple of changes and up gradations was seen and which was merged with Range Rovers in 2013 naming it Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar has produced many luxury and executive cars. Jaguar was used by British royal family and also by British Prime Minister. It is assembled in Birmingham, England.

Jaguar X358 a perfect combination of luxury and comfort

The Jaguar X358 is a luxury cum comfort car that was manufactured in 2007. It is a facelifted edition which means it is modified and a few changes were brought about than the previous version.

It came out in multiple versions which include Jaguar XJ, Vanden Plas, XJR, and Super V8. These versions were basically engine variations.


The X358 is a well built, decent automobile with the sporty exterior look. In spite of the extra-long body, the car reaches 0-60mph in a matter of seconds, which makes it one of the quickest luxury cars. There are newly placed front grills which enhance the overall beauty and safety of the car.

Moreover, the front lights have been brought about detailed modifications. It also has side vents and sills making sure the smooth running of the car with lesser air friction. The bumpers and tail lights have also been improved in this version.

Jaguar X358 Interior

Jaguar X358 Interior

Despite sportier at outside, the interior is all about luxury and not sportiness. The dashboard and seats are similar to the standard XJ LWB’s with a supercharged logo on the counter which provides an idea of what lies under the bonnet.

Its rugs are made of lamb’s wool. A touch-screen satellite navigation system, a DVD display, electric seats and a heated steering wheel brings it to the category of luxurious cars. It provides extensive cargo and passenger space owing to its large body.

The redesigned front seats come with additional support and safety. The space between the front seats and rear seats allows the passenger on the backseat with a leg-room of over a meter.


There is a wide variety of engines, ranging from a 240bhp 3-litre V6 right up to 4.2-litre 400bhp supercharged XJR. The 3.0 L AJ-V6 is a specialized engine which uses variable valve timing similarly as Mazda’s engine.

On the contrary, AJ-8 is a compact V8 piston engine which is used in many Jaguar cars. It was the fourth engine type introduced by Jaguar. It was extensively liked and it replaced the previously designed engines. It remained the only available engine type available in Jaguar until 1999. Its supercharged version is also produced.

Jaguar X358 Engine

Jaguar X358 Engine

The Lion engine was built by Ford’s Diesel Centre to be used in Jaguar Cars and Land Rover vehicles. The AJD-V6 engines share the same bore to stroke ratio, with the V6 displacing 2.7L and the V8 displacing 3.6L. This engine meets the Euro IV emissions standards which mean it is considered safe for the environment.

In addition to AJD-V6, Turbo Diesel engine is also used in one of the editions of this car. Turbo-diesel is any which is equipped with a turbocharger. The turbocharging engine produces high outputs with low emissions and is very efficient. This engine is very common in trucks.

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